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What fees do you charge for various services?

Each project differs in complexity and size and the level of work involved varies a great deal. We therefor quote each project individually once we have discussed the brief with you and fully researched the parameters governing the various approvals.

Generally our fees are highly competitive.

Our fees are fixed at the onset of a project, so our clients are fully aware of all the costs to project completion. Honesty & transparency are at the heart of our services and we are governed by a strict code of ethics as determined by our various professional memberships.

To activate our services a deposit is required and thereafter payments are only made on completion of our documentation for the various work stages to our client’s satisfaction.

If we have our documentation prepared by ZAI PTY LTD are we fixed in with a builder?

No. Unlike having your documentation prepared by a builder, where you are fixed into a contract, having ZAI PTY LTD prepare your documentation means you are free to have any builder quote your project so you may obtain more competitive quotes.

It is highly competitive in the building industry at present and this is to the advantage of cost conscious clients.

Will we require a planning permit for our project?

In most instances the answer is “yes”.

We will evaluate at our FREE initial consultation and report on what approvals are required for your particular project.

How do we obtain the necessary planing & building permits?

All you need to do is contact us.

We will take care of your design, co-ordinate with the various Councils & Building Surveyors to achieve the necessary permits.

We will arrange for site surveys, landscape & planting schedule documentation, Arborist reports, Traffic studies, Energy rating certification and co-ordinate Engineering and other consultants.

Our aim is to effectively manage the process on your behalf by providing a one stop shop as your project becomes a reality.

How long does it take to archive a planning or building permit?

As a general guide, for a standard dual occupancy, the following time frames can be anticipated.

  • 2 weeks for ZAI PTY LTD to complete the Design to client approval.
  • 3 weeks for ZAI PTY LTD to complete Planning permit documentation for Council submission.
  • 3 weeks for ZAI PTY LTD to complete Building permit documentation to Building Surveyor.

Generally Councils require 3-6 months to process planning applications as this includes advertising and public consultation.

Generally Building Surveyors require fully completed documentation from all consultants, such as the engineer’s drawings and computations, Energy rating certification, Builders insurances etc. and this process can take 1-3 months to achieve the Building permit.

What is environmentally sustainable design [ESD]?

ESD is the use of design methods and choice of materials & specifications to achieve efficiency of resources and a 6 Star energy rating certification.

The process starts with competent design by maximising the north orientation to all living area, harvesting energy, reducing water consumption and striving for a zero carbon footprint.

The benefits are a living environment that has year round comfort for the occupants and highly efficient in terms of electricity & water consumption and emissions.